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How we help ISV to build Acumatica ERP for cannabis companies

Introduction A year and a half ago FiduciaSoft began to cooperate with ISV that was engaged by their customer to customize Acumatica for the cannabis market in the USA. Our client, the abovementioned ISV, asked us to provide an Acumatica ERP development team for his project. Our client implements his customization for both types of […]

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The case study: Seamless API integration for a healthcare client

The automation process covers more and more different industries and areas around the world. Today, it is difficult to imagine an industry that is not affected by automation. We can observe examples of how automation affects both global corporations and small businesses. Everyone is looking for sources to increase productivity, production efficiency, and reduce costs. […]

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integration of Acumatica ERP and Wallmart

Plugin development for integration of Acumatica ERP and Walmart

Hello to everyone! We would like to share with you a small project on the integration of Acumatica with the Walmart marketplace. This project can serve an interesting case, since for working out the functionality and all the business processes in the store, first, we had to make a shortened version of the MVP module. […]

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Developing HR Extension on Acumatica ERP

Hello, Dmytro is here. Quick intro — I am a COO of FiduciaSoft and we are a full service provider, meaning we offer consulting, development, QA, deployment, and support for our ERP Customers. Today I’d like to share with you one of the projects for Acumatica ERP, why we’ve developed it and what we’ve learned […]

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