Plugin development for integration of Acumatica ERP and Walmart

integration of Acumatica ERP and Wallmart

Hello to everyone! We would like to share with you a small project on the integration of Acumatica with the Walmart marketplace. This project can serve an interesting case, since for working out the functionality and all the business processes in the store, first, we had to make a shortened version of the MVP module. Only after trying this version, we added automatic synchronization.

Our client, in this case, it was Acumatica’s integrator, has implemented ERP for his client – an offline store. But as we witness, the world is changing fast and the store owners decided to go online. That’s was a time when we’ve got a second interesting point – going online with the help of the marketplace. This indeed seemed like a  thought-provoking approach as we understood that the development of an online store could take at least several months. Besides, we had to take in mind the time for store filling and its promotion at the end. That’s when our client has got an idea to integrate Acumatica and Walmart.

Tasks for the MVP module version

  1. Creating a product for Walmart

    For synchronization to work, it’s necessary to create a product in Walmart and type its ID to the same product in the Acumatica database. And we with our client decided to leave automation of this functionality for the next stage and this happened to be a great solution for checking the basic functionality and saving time.

  2. Current availability information

    Taking into consideration that Walmart is not the only sales channel, the continuous updating of product availability is a key factor.

  3. Receiving and recording order information in Acumatica

    When a customer places an order, he automatically gives to the ERP all necessary information about the product, quantity, method, and delivery address.

  4. Transfer of delivery information

    After receiving the order information, we process it and send the order status and delivery information to Walmart. This is a very important stage because the marketplace could be fined for non-compliance with the delivery rules.

  5. Order processing

    When the order is ready for shipment, we get a tracking number for the package. Here we implemented another useful feature – the ability to split one order into boxes and generate multiple numbers for tracking packages. We convey this information to Walmart, where it is displayed in the order status of the client.

The MVP version of the plugin was developed in 2 weeks.

This was quite a simple project, so it took us two weeks to develop it. From our side, the team consisted of one developer and a project manager, responsible for their processes. Our client, Acumatica integrator, conducted the smoke-testing.

The next stage will require the development of the following functionalities:

  • Automatic products processing in Walmart, after the same process in Acumatica;
  • The ability to partially modify the order after its registration and prior to shipment.

After implementing these functions, we are planning to write integration tests.

If you have questions about this project, you can ask them in the form under this text or message us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.