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integration of Acumatica ERP and Wallmart
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Plugin development for integration of Acumatica ERP and Walmart

Hello to everyone! We would like to share with you a small project on the integration of Acumatica with the Walmart marketplace. This project can serve an interesting case, since for working out the functionality and all the business processes in the store, first, we had to make a shortened version of the MVP module. […]

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Developing cloud-based WMS system for ERP

Introduction To initiate a project that can implement a full-fledged WMS and configure it in already existing ERP system sometimes can be very challenging task for many companies. In order to make the right decision, it is not enough just to have an idea about each of these systems. It is necessary to carry out […]

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RFID plugin within WMS implementation for customers in the US

This is a project from our CEO, for one of the largest commercial Greenhouse customers in the US. The main objective was dual-sided: First, it was important to simplify physical count within the storage warehouse, where it was difficult to get to the pallet label of the inventory within the bin. Pallets were stored 2-3 […]

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Case study: GPS tracking for Telecom Company

Many companies that own a large fleet of vehicles and mobile teams usually tend to control it. And it’s not a surprise, because it could easily happen that one of the workers may be distracted, go to a friend or something else. And all these facts result in additional costs. The most popular solution to […]

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