Huge project on .Net: CMS with PIM with ERP integration

Huge project on .Net: CMS with PIM with ERP integration

Briefly about the project

In this case, we will share the story of one of the more interesting projects that we’ve been working on for the past 4 years.

Our client is a developer of a complex eCommerce platform for B2B companies, that includes the following major parts:

  • Content Management System (CMS) with ready-made solutions for the website or custom UI at the client’s choice.
  • Product Information Management (PIM), which stores all of the detailed information about SKUs.
  • Integration of the last two services with the client’s Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) that helps to transfer the information to PIM.
  • Multiple extensions and Application Programming Interfaces (API) for additional functionality.

How does FiduciaSoft fit into the development?

From the day one our primary goal was to put together a solid team of software engineers who can take the specification request and turn it into a desired functionality. The client’s internal team would then be in charge of implementing these in the field.

We have recruited a dedicated team of specialists who had to work exclusively on the client’s tasks. In multiple instances, the client needed to increase the headcount to hit the specific timeline. In those cases, software engineers from our internal bench were temporarily added to the project. After completing these rush tasks, though, these individuals would move onto other projects or back to the bench. This approach allowed our client to save money in the long run while being able to meet short term timeline adjustments and milestones.

What are our tasks?

Four years ago our team started this project with work on the creation of a CMS from scratch. After the launch of the company’s product two years ago at the direction of the client our team began work on the development of the new functionality as well as working on the maintenance tasks in parallel.

At this point in the project we are developing APIs to allow integrations of our client’s product with other systems. The example of this would be ustilizing PIM & ERP and integrating these two systems  with another popular CMS, like Magento. Utilizing the above mentioned APIs, such linkage becomes quite trivial, allowing fast development & deployment of such integration solutions.

Technology and development team

At this point in time the team consists of 2 developers and a team lead, who writes technical specifications and is also a scrum master for the team. At the start of the project, though, the team headcount was larger, reaching at times as many as 5 software engineers. As we mentioned above, the client can always expand the development team for larger runs or to meet a specific end user deadline.

On the client-side, there is a single product manager that describes requirements and a team of testers. Also, the client engages his end users, so they can beta test the new functionality.

In this project, our developers implement the following technologies: .Net MVC, Web API 2, MSSQL DBMS, JQuery, Azure hosting.

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