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Case: Acumatica ERP extension and integration with DHL delivery

Acumatica Cloud ERP module extends its functionality to fulfill specific customer needs. The main benefit is that you have everything built-in into a framework, and you may focus only on the business logic. In many cases, with such extension, it takes three times less to get on the market and save time and money.

In this article, first of all, we would like to share our own experience of development Acumatica extension and describe our use case of integration it with the DHL delivery system.

Use Case

FiduciaSoft is an official independent software vendor partner of Acumatica with certified developers, implementation project managers, and consultants on board.

We have a culture of transparent communication, so let us share with you the answers of our best professionals. It will help you to gain a clear vision about the process, our approach and how we deal with the challenges.

    1. What was the goal of this extension?

      Client success manager: The standard version of Acumatica supports delivery services companies such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc. Since our client is a German regional Acumatica partner, our task was to create an extension that allows us to add and choose DHL for the delivery services.

    2. What were the difficulty and solutions of the development of Acumatica extension and integration with the delivery system?

      Solution Architect: API DHL is difficult to deal with because of the lack of needed tech documentation.

      So, we used all relevant information from the Acumatica support system and asked for help support managers of DHL API.

    3. What technologies were used?

      Solution Architect: Acumatica 2019-R1, Acumatica Framework, DHL API, C# .Net.

    4. The team and deadline.

      Client success manager: we’ve gathered a team of our own employees: Solution Architect, Acumatica(.Net) Developer, QA Engineer. The deadline was only a few months.

    5. What experience does FiduciaSoft have in this issue?

      Client success manager: Earlier, we worked with a module of the functionality of the delivery system while creating an integration of the e-commerce system with Acumatica.

      Now, we may add any delivery service company as well as logistics firm by using API.

      Solution Architect: Developing solutions for shipment packaging in warehouses. Those solutions were integrated with Acumatica.

    6. How did you approach the development for the DHL option?

      Solution Architect: Since DHL API for business clients doesn’t provide freight cost, we had to build configuration screens with basic delivery cost data and used a formula to calculate freight in Sales Orders and Shipments as part of customization.

    7. What has changed after module implementation?

      A developer: The client can track all deliveries from DHL within Acumatica ERP.

Our case has shown that Acumatica ERP can be customized by an experienced team of professionals. Moreover, FiduciaSoft can serve various industries involving e-commerce, manufacturing and warehouse management.

Customization ERP

Logistic industry only grows and the number of delivery companies keeps growing. FedEx, Railway Express Agency, Trucking companies of the United States, United Parcel Service are the most popular in the USA with difficult workflow and overwhelming planning. That’s why nowadays, there are many ready-made specific solutions for popular delivery services. All these solutions require customization to adapt all features according to the customer’s needs and preferences. In case you want to use a few solutions at the same time, it will be faster and cheaper to develop your own ERP system. The best way to do that is by hiring an outsource team. You can read here how to choose a remote developer team.