Dynamics 365 New Features

Microsoft presents two major software updates every year—in April and October. Сurrent Dynamics 365 release consists of more than 350 new features which will become available during the next 6 months. These changes will affect Finance and Operations, Marketing, Retail, Sales, Portal, Business Central, Customer Service, Project Service Automation, Field Service, Talent.

AI-powered customer experience

Microsoft continues investing in AI technologies to enable its clients to create more efficient systems and achieve better results. Dynamics 365 is getting 3 new AI-driven applications. Dynamics 365 Sales Insights will provide valuable business insights. More personalized engagement and effective sales coaching are some of its potential benefits. Dynamics 365 Market Insights will be responsible for tracking social conversations and web search data. As a result, software users will be aware of their client`s needs and opinions. Meanwhile, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a tool for unifying data sources that provide companies with an insightful overview.

Mixed reality

Last year, the first applications for HoloLens were introduced. Remote Assist and Layout were among them. This time, a new set of innovative apps is coming, HoloLens 2 is introduced. Moreover, Dynamics 365 will be available on mobile devices. New mixed reality apps were created with on-site workers in mind. For example, there are now special step-by-step guides for improved on-site guidance and training. Thanks to these tools, transferring knowledge and skills will be faster and more effective. As a result, the preparation of the new team members will happen on a deeper level.

Dynamics 365 Product Visualize is another major step forward. It will enable sellers to virtually present products to customers in real life. By seeing the products, they will understand them and their potential better. If you are interested in this app and its capabilities, you can already do it on iOS.

Triple Power Platform upgrade

The Power Platform consists of three products: Microsoft Flow, PowerApps and Power BI. This platform has three main functions – to help customers analyze, act, and automate to achieve better results. It is a powerful tool for business intelligence and automation. The latest release allows app makers to create better PowerApps with less struggle. Meanwhile, Flow helps automate and extend processes from apps, including Excel, Team, OneDrive. Finally, Power BI is even better at creating a data culture. For example, it is easier to extract insights now. And there are many other additional capabilities.

Finally, what makes the latest Microsoft update even better is that all Dynamics 365  customers will get the latest version. This is new and major!

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