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Partnership between FiduciaSoft and Century Business Solutions

FiduciaSoft has added the implementation of the EBizCharge module to its services. This module allows clients to reduce per transaction commission when accepting credit cards. This allows retailers to save a significant amount of money which goes straight to the bottom line. EBizCharge module utilizes its own payment gateway, which allows clients to transfer transactional […]

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integration of Acumatica ERP and Wallmart

Plugin development for integration of Acumatica ERP and Walmart

Hello to everyone! We would like to share with you a small project on the integration of Acumatica with the Walmart marketplace. This project can serve an interesting case, since for working out the functionality and all the business processes in the store, first, we had to make a shortened version of the MVP module. […]

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Extension for integration Acumatica ERP with Magento

In the attempt of business processes automation, more and more eCommerce companies are trying to integrate their services. After all, that’s awesome to have your online store’s information be updated automatically, and not manually, for every 2 hours. But here is another question  — what to choose? There are dozens of different CMS, ERP, and […]

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Agile, but… Or how to be flexible in accommodating clients wishes

Yes, that one When onboarding a new customer and starting a brand new custom project, we often run in to the following conversation: “We would like to work on the project utilizing the Agile approach, but we do need to identify budget for the finished product and we want to have an idea of a […]

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