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ERP solutions on the Dot Net / Asp Net technology

When you are going to start a project, you need to choose a technical language you should go for in order to create it. For our projects we prefer using .Net/Asp.Net technology while implementing the ERP solutions. In this article we are giving our reasons for that and offering you the lists of the top […]

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Extension for integration Acumatica ERP with Magento

In the attempt of business processes automation, more and more eCommerce companies are trying to integrate their services. After all, that’s awesome to have your online store’s information be updated automatically, and not manually, for every 2 hours. But here is another question  — what to choose? There are dozens of different CMS, ERP, and […]

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7 Reasons Why you should Choose Xamarin for Cross-Platform Development

Forrester’s research found out business benefits and the cost savings enabled by Xamarin. First of all, it decreases costs related to life-cycle management and mobile app development while making most of the existing programmer’s resources.  Companies that invested in the Xamarin experienced such improvements: ROI: 291% payback: less than 1 month entire benefits (PV): $8752838 […]

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ERP Acumatica R2 2020

Acumatica 2019 R2 New Features and Enhancements

“We love technology. We love its ability to solve the real-world business problems our mid-market customers face every day.” Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica Improved productivity and business growth are the key priorities of any company. The release of Acumatica 2019 R2, based on the recommendations of community, partners, and customers, provides a wide range […]

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