Our Partnership with Scanco

How everything started 

At FiduciaSoft, we aspire to build successful long-term partnerships in the field of software development. And we have been working with Scanco for 4 years already.

Scanco has been a prominent leader in barcode, warehouse and manufacturing automation since 1989. They work with Sage 100/Sage 100cloud, Sage 500, and Acumatica. It has been an honor for our team to participate in the process of creating stand-alone applications. And integrate them into these platforms according to the needs of Scanco`s clients.

When we joined forces with Scanco 4 years ago, we did some QA (quality assurance) for existing Scanco products and took part in developing a new integration solution. Partial software development became one of our main tasks soon after that.

Sage 100/Sage 100cloud

Everything started with Sage 100. We worked on Warehouse 100 which is an application for automating warehouse management. It was created specifically as an automation application integrated into Sage 100. It includes several integration modules: inventory module, purchase module, sales module. At first, it was a desktop program with an application for portable devices that worked via RDP. 

When devices that work on Android and iOS became widespread, we rewrote the app, so that it could work on them as well. One of its numerous advantages is barcode and QR code scanning. This function speeds the process even more and makes it even more effective.

When Scanco acquired JobOps, we merged Scanco`s Warehouse 100 with a similar warehouse management application previously developed by JobOps JDB. This move resulted into a more powerful warehouse and manufacturing management app.

Sage 500

This ERP software is more advanced and more complicated than Sage 100. As a result, it has more features. Warehouse 500, the application for it, remained in its first iteration for a long time because it was so well-made. Then Scanco made an updated and improved version. Their teams also developed Android and iOS apps for it. Meanwhile, we did some QA for them.


We have created a new warehouse management product which is fully integrated into Acumatica. We did it based on NetSuite that we had previously worked on, There are several modules in it as well: sales module, inventory module, purchase module, manufacturing module. This is a new application with a brand new interface, a slightly different logic that is perfectly suitable for Acumatica. 

We were fully responsible for developing this application. On top of that, we have been doing QA and providing support to the customers. When a customer has some additional needs, we can not only customize the app, but also Acumatica itself. Finally, thanks to the cloud, we have the direct access to the systems of our customers all around the world if they need us to fix something. 

Sage or Acumatica?

This is a valid question, but one that does not have a generic answer. They are two different ERP software systems with the same main function. They manage, automate and improve various business processes. However, their structure and integration are different, which is why they require different solutions. 

To understand their differences and specialties better, you can request a demo version of both Sage and Acumatica. Then you will see what they are like in action. This will help you make your decision. On our behalf, we can guarantee that our teams are capable of implementing and customizing both softwares equally well. And you will get the best out of your chosen ERP software.

AppStore & PlayMarket

Apart from developing and testing applications, we have been responsible for delivering them to AppStore & PlayMarket where customers could download them. Apple and Google are extremely demanding when it comes to accepting new apps to their stores. This is why this process is more complicated than one would expect it to be. On top of that, when it comes to manufacturing or warehouse automation, one has to keep scanning integration in mind. However, we are capable of dealing with this task well. 

Team Member Testimonial

Sviat Magerovsky, Product Owner:

“There are always new difficulties in the warehouse and manufacturing areas of business. Especially when it comes to automation and rationalization processes on the floor. However, modern applications can improve and simplify the workflow, as well as enable staff to be in control and get more done.

In partnership with Scanco, we develop complex warehouse management and manufacturing management solutions. They not only simplify all processes but also give the business full control over them. We work on applications which are integrated into various ERP systems making them more efficient. And when clients have some specific requirements due to more complex needs, we come up with unique solutions. We can make adjustments both in the stand-alone applications and in ERP systems.

While working with Scanco, I have been able to participate in numerous success stories in automating business processes. I am proud to be a part of the Scanco team. To make processes more clear and efficient, and the business world better.”


FiduciaSoft and Scanco work together to ensure that such ERP software systems as Sage and Acumatica meet the needs of our business clients. 

If you consider implementing an ERP software into your business, read our recent post about 5 business issues ERP software can solve. Afterwards, reach out by filling in our contact form. Our team will be glad to provide more details and showcase how your particular company would benefit from using an ERP software.