Quality to look for when selecting a new member of the team

Quality to look for when selecting a new member of the team

Recruiting talented employees and finding the right people is always a challenge. Although technical skills are still in high demand, companies are increasingly looking for multitalented IT professionals – people who can easily integrate into the corporate culture. And finally, every organization comes to the same question: What will be better – to organize your inhouse-team or hire developers for outsourcing? There is no single answer to this question. Each approach has its pros and cons. Let’s try to look at them closer.

Hiring an In-house Team

Usually, large organizations prefer hiring in-house teams as the disadvantages associated with costs do not exceed the advantages of controlling the situation. If a business is not afraid of large investments, this choice will ultimately become optimal. When accepting candidates for their in-house teams, the company usually pays special attention to such qualities as:

  • Intellectual curiosity;
  • Cultural and organizational qualifications;
  • Strategic decisions in the candidate’s career;
  • Learning ability;
  • Intelligence and enthusiasm;
  • Commitment and willingness to grow with the company;
  • Critical thinking.

Hiring your own in-house team could sometimes take a very long time as it’s essential to select the right candidates who will be working as one well-organized team. The advantages of such an approach are full control over the whole situation, easier scaling of the department in case of rapid project growth, and the possibility of independent process optimization.

Hiring Developers for Outsourcing

Remote outstaffing and outsourcing in the software industry are getting more popular. The business owners and startups are persistently exploring new ways of involving the latest tech trends in their companies and optimize all needed processes. That’s when they will need more IT outsourcing. Despite all possible risks and setbacks, the companies tend to choose to work with an experienced remote team of developers.  At the moment, the total contract of the technology outsourcing market of the world is equal to $62 billion U.S. dollars. It indicates the rise of the demand for talented developers that can work remotely. Not only does the outsourcing software development increases productivity and performance of the project, but it also redeems the resources of the company and maintains the flexibility and the overall result of the software product.  So, what are the necessary qualities for the perfect outsourcing candidate? First of all, besides being a professional in the field, this person should be highly organized. The other determining criteria for the selection of such employees are:

  • Self-discipline;
  • A clear vision of their capabilities and ideas about the time needed to fully concentrate on work;
  • Intelligence and independence in problem-solving;
  • Motivation and degree of interest to the company’s goals;
  • Similar work experience and results.

The benefits for business owners are obvious:

  1. They save their money for hiring HRs, office rental, computers, furniture, and other associated costs like coffee, lunches, paper for the printer, etc.
  2. They have a wide selection of professionals from different countries. It usually allows them to choose among the best and create a great product.
  3. They can control the process from anywhere in the world.
  4. The work can start from the first day – all specialists are ready and processes are in place.


Depending on the chosen strategy, there are different approaches to the qualities you need to pay attention to when hiring a team member. Each of the options has its own nuances. Some managers believe that creating an in-house team means achieving maximum productivity and complete control. But it’s not always the case. If the result is needed as quickly as possible or it’s essential to save some budget, a hired outsourcing team is the best choice. It allows business owners to hire great professionals and receive full control over the development process and the specific work of any of the team members. The most crucial advantage of remote work is a flexible approach to organizing the working process. And for many candidates, it becomes the decisive factor when choosing the company. This mode of operation is not for everyone, but now more and more candidates are looking for opportunities to adjust their work-life balance optimally, and for this, outsourcing work is ideal. As for companies that provide such an opportunity to their employees – this can become a serious competitive advantage in the labor market.

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