Acumatica New Features

Acumatica is one the ERP software systems that we work with a lot. There has recently been a new release of updates. And today we are excited to tell you about some of Acumatica`s new features.

Platform Usability

  • Multifactor authentication. Security is something that one can never take too seriously. This is why several authentication stages were introduced among the latest Acumatica new features.
  • Side Panel enhancements. You can now make the changes in your data using the side panel. You won’t need to leave the inquiry screen to do that anymore. All in all, major changes have been implemented in the Side Panel.
  • Improved help searches via ML. After you use use the help function and provide feedback afterwards, the system will analyze your responses. It will later adapt to provide results that will be more relevant specifically to you.
  • Custom colors for branding. Details matter, right? From now one you can customize your Acumatica insides with your corporate color. If you have different colors for different branches, you can add them all.
  • Linking existing files. Have you ever wondered how many times you have attached the same file over and over again? If you use Acumatica, you won’t have to do it any longer. Attaching a file once will be enough. After that, you will simply need to get a link for your file, and then share it with your colleague.
  • User Defined Fields. Adding new fields in several forms in different modules won’t be a challenge anymore. It is now easily available to you in a customization project.
  • Highlighting inquiries based on conditions. Thanks to this feature you can use visual clues in columns and rows. Moreover, it can happen automatically after you choose your requirements for certain highlights.
  • Progress Bar for long-running processing. You do not have to be limited by the processes that take more time. You can now open them in a pop-up window and let them happen, while you do something else in a different tab.

Business Application Improvements

Financial Management

  • Predefined list of currencies makes working with exchange rates and multi-currency transactions quicker and easier.
  • Recognition of Revenue from Customer Contracts is a feature that will play a huge role when there are numerous performance obligations.
  • Tax Improvements enables more effective integration with tax engines.
  • Credit Card Processing Improvements includes tokenizing credit cards which then leads to a higher level of security.
  • Support for Different Financial Calendars enables you to have more than one fiscal year-end date if there are several legal entities involved.

Acumatica New Features Summary

The teams behind Acumatica have been absorbing feedback from their users in order to come up with the best solutions. The latest software update is full of new features and improvements. As a result, this software is even more powerful and helpful now.

If you would like to find out what Acumatica ERP software can do for your business, in particular, contact us by filling in the contact form.