Extension for integration Acumatica ERP with Magento

In the attempt of business processes automation, more and more eCommerce companies are trying to integrate their services. After all, that’s awesome to have your online store’s information be updated automatically, and not manually, for every 2 hours.

But here is another question  – what to choose?

There are dozens of different CMS, ERP, and CRM systems. Many of them have their own extensions for integrations. Our experience of CMS and ERP systems integration proves the fact that everywhere there are nuances to keep in mind. It could happen often that extensions are either expensive or have limited functionality, or both. Therefore, in 2017, we began the development of an internal product with the aim of adapting existing developments into one universal extension. According to our idea, this should have been an extension that we could easily integrate with any online stores as well as with Acumatica ERP. The development of basic functionality took us 6 months. What happens next, should be tested in practice…

The first try sailed through!

Soon we got a request for the RFID implementation in warehouse accounting, as well as the integration of Acumatica ERP with an online store on CMS Magento. We thought this was a jackpot, and adapted our extension to integrate Acumatica ERP with CMS Magento. You can read more about this case in our article. In the meantime, let’s dwell on the functionality …

Expansion options for Acumatica ERP and CMS Magento

Let’s see what is related to the basic functionality

Entity exchange between CMS Magento and Acumatica ERP:

  1. Categories and Products
    Product information is unilaterally transferred from Acumatica to Magento.
  2. Orders
    The two-way exchange of order data. This includes the exchange of statuses and changes to orders.
  3. Customers and Accounts
    One-way exchange of information about the customers and accounts. Any changes to your customer data can be automatically updated in your ERP. The same happens to payment changes.
  4. Delivery
    One-way exchange of delivery status data.

Integration CMS Magenta and Acumatice ERP

Plugin Installation Options

You can use FiduciaSoft to fully integrate your Magento online store with Acumatica ERP. In this case, we install the extension on your server or install a snapshot on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Then, we set up the customization package on Acumatica ERP and install all necessary settings. For more information, please contact us using the form at the end of this page.

Adaptation to other CMS

You can easily adapt our plugin to other systems, including server or cloud E-commerce CMS, such as Shopify. If you need an extension for another CMS, you can download and adapt our development or contact our developers.