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Custom Sales Project management in Acumatica

Hi, I’m Sviat Magerovsky, product manager on the project described below. Writing articles is not something I usually do but I’ll do my best to share project details and our experience on developing Acumatica custom solutions. We were requested to develop a custom Acumatica ERP solution for a client in the summer of 2018. It’s […]

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Developing HR Extension on Acumatica ERP

Hello, Dmytro is here. Quick intro — I am a COO of FiduciaSoft and we are a full service provider, meaning we offer consulting, development, QA, deployment, and support for our ERP Customers. Today I’d like to share with you one of the projects for Acumatica ERP, why we’ve developed it and what we’ve learned […]

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Case: Acumatica ERP extension and integration with DHL delivery

Practically any given business out there is constantly looking to expand its distribution reach. One of the ways of expanding is to look for previously unexplored international markets. And it is often the case that the barrier for such expansion has to do with adapting business processes and policies to the specifics of those foreign […]

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