Utilizing .NET / ASP.NET for web development: three real world examples

Utilizing .NET / ASP.NET for web development: three real world examples

.NET are popular frameworks nowadays that used to develop all sorts of applications. It has found its way into an internet and web application development as well, with its ASP.NET incarnation. In this post, we are going to examine some of our projects where we used DOT NET & ASP.NET for web development.

Our experience

FiduciaSoft is striving to provide our customers with business transformative solutions for their specific needs. We are known for our knowledge of Accounting Enterprise Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and eCommerce systems, and are often entrusted with projects integrating, customizing, or extending functionality of these systems utilizing RFID, DOT NET and other technologies. To deliver these projects we employ multiple teams of certified developers with extensive development experience for Acumatica, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, and other ERP’s and of course well seasoned in RFID, .NET, SQL, and many other software languages and technologies needed for such projects. 

FiduciaSoft provides ERP customization services by involving only certified consultants. For example, Acumatica customization projects will be done by certified Acumatica developers & consultants as well as PMs well versed in Acumatica specifics. At this point our tems have an impressive list of successfully completed ERP & CRM projects for Value Added Resellers (VARs) that have already implemented it for their clients: small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises. 

Why choose .NET Framework specifically for web application development?

There can be many reasons why .NET technology can be selected ahead of other choices. Let’s start with the fact that the Microsoft .NET Framework consists of a large number of development tools and technologies that developers can utilize to create various types of applications of different complexity. Many ERP systems already have frameworks that are built on top of .NET framework itself, thus making .NET an obvious choice. In many cases we also give preferences to the use of .NET Core, as it allows applications to run on multiple operating platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS and supports these operating systems as the development workstation. One can also avoid using any code editor and directly apply the .NET Core CLI tools, available for all supported platforms. 

As we are often tasked with ERP and CRM customizations, there are many more advantages to choosing this technology for ERP system projects:

  • rich functionality out of the box, so it offers hundreds of classes that provide a variety of ready-to-use functions.
  • .NET Core which released in 2016 allows targeting any application type running on any platform.
  • .NET platform provides ASP .NET technology that provides ability to develop dynamic and data-driven web applications. There is an event-driven programming model in ASP.NET similar to that of Visual Basic 6; it can simplify and speed up the process of web development.
  • Most third-party editors, such as Sublime, Emacs, and VI, work very well with .NET Core. 
  • .NET provides you with immediate security benefits via the managed runtime.
  • The platforms have multi-language support and a huge community of developers. 

Fiducia’s best practices using .NET

GPS tracking for Telecom Company

The main goal of this project was to extend field services management functionality. To facilitate this, our client needed us to implement GPS monitoring to continuously record the position of the car, as well as its daily mileage, and fuel consumption. We were also tasked to develop a system that will distribute work assignments in the field while accounting for crew compositions, work shifts, and other parameters.

Team: For this project, we formed an engineering team composed of a Lead, JS developer, .NET developer, and QA. On this project, the team was utilizing C#, .NET, MS SQL, JS, Angular, Azure.

Tech stack: We chose Teltonika FMB001 GPS trackers as tracking equipment. The machine tracking system was implemented by .Net and JS plus Angular technologies for the frontend.

Duration: Initial estimation for a given scope of work with a given team composition was 6 months. The project is still ongoing.

Developing cloud-based WMS system for ERP

The main task was to create a stand-alone cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) — a system that would easily integrate into popular cloud-based ERP systems.

Team: project manager, business analytic, web & database engineer, mobile & server-side engineer, Team Lead, QA Engineer, Mobile and Server engineers, and two QA Engineers.

Tech stack: Mix of Agile and Waterfall, and the Rest API Service written in .NET that is scalable via AWS Load balancing.

Duration: First prototype was to be done in 6 months and the first working version of the system was set to be delivered in 12 months.

CMS with PIM with ERP integration

The main task was to develop CMS and new functionality for all products of our client – developer of a complex eCommerce platform for B2B companies.

Team: Two developers and Team Lead and the Product Manager and the team of testers on the client-side.

Tech stack: .Net MVC, Web API 2, MS SQL, DBMS, JQuery, Azure hosting.Duration: This is an ongoing project with ever changing scope. Although the product is already in the field, it is still being developed further. Thus far, we’ve been working on this project for 4 years.

In conclusion

One of the many specializations of FiduciaSoft is customization of the existing solutions and development of the new ones using DOT NET technologies. This allows our teams to quickly plan the project and move to the development state of the execution sooner. And this is yet another reason why we tend to choose .NET framework for web applications.

If you are looking at the marketplace, searching for a contractor to develop your specific project, we advise you to pay close attention to the specialization of the prospective vendor. It doesn’t matter how the company positions itself in its marketing materials, but if their portfolio does not have an extensive list of projects using one framework, then be prepared to spend a lot of time on the planning portion of your project. Although not given, this can also lead to a more serious set of issues down the line, in the development process itself.

If you have projects on .NET, then we suggest reading the article on web development costs. We offer our services for web development using . NET Framework, as well as PHP, Javascript, Angular, React.

If you have additional questions about the cases or you have similar requests, feel free to contact us. Leave your contact in the form below this text, and we will find the best solution for your project.