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Acumatica New Features

Acumatica is one the ERP software systems that we work with a lot. There has recently been a new release of Acumatica new features, including platform usability enhancements and business application improvements.

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Dynamics 365 New Features

In April, Microsoft announced its Dynamics 365 update release. It includes AI-driven tools, mixed reality applications, and the Triple Power Platform upgrade. Overall, there are more than 350 new features.

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RFID in logistics: game changer or bust?

RFID is having a major comeback. RFID hardware is much cheaper now, and RFID tags are slowly becoming more affordable. No wonder why numerous businesses begin to give this technology a second chance.

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Magento – your best choice for a successful online store

Magento is a widely-used open-source platform for e-commerce. Infinite scalability and easy customizability are its main benefits.

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