Benefits of using ASP.NET Core for Enterprise Application Development

Benefits of using ASP.NET Core for Enterprise Application Development

In the past, businesses didn’t have the option to create customized enterprise applications with many features. To develop the best results, they had to spend lots of money. That is when ASP.NET can become useful, especially for enterprise application development.

This article will enlarge upon the benefits of using ASP.NET Core for architecting applications for the enterprise.

ASP.NET Core technology

ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform and open-source framework developed by Microsoft for developing cloud-based and internet-connected applications. Built to facilitate APIs, runtime components, and compilers to expand quickly, it works on macOS, Windows, and Linux on the .NET Core or .NET Framework and is growing the popularity in recent years.

Microsoft .NET Framework consists of many development tools and technologies that developers can utilize to create various applications of different complexity. Every update brings new features to the developers who are expecting them for creating highly innovative web applications.

There are already several exciting projects based on ASP.NET Core, like Orchard – an open-source community-focused content management system by Microsoft. FiduciaSoft also gives preferences to the use of .NET Core for ERP system projects, as it allows applications to run on multiple operating platforms. We are known for our experience in Accounting Enterprise Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management (WMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and eCommerce systems, and are often entrusted with projects integrating, customizing, or extending the functionality of these systems utilizing RFID, .NET and other technologies.

Benefits for Enterprise Application Development

The development of enterprise applications can sometimes be complicated due to the app’s purposes and specific requirements. Building an enterprise application with ASP.NET Core remains the most viable option, as this high-performing framework offers numerous possibilities. Among the main reasons why ASP.NET Core is the best choice are:

  1. High Performance.

    ASP.NET Core’s code gets optimized automatically. That’s why it demonstrates a higher performance whenever any new upgrade or enhancement is released. You can change your code quickly and without any effort.

  2. Effortless Updates.

    When we use an ASP.NET Core for enterprise application development, the NuGet package can manage every update. So, when there is a new release of the Nuget package version, the packages’ update can affect the latest changes.

  3. Cross-Platform Performance.

    ASP.NET Core is a cross-platform framework, so, its applications can work on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Besides, developers are also free to choose their development OS.

  4. Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection.

    CSRF helps to ensure that your application is protected from any attack. Your authenticated sessions are safe from potential hackers. The great advantage of ASP.NET Core is that it can generate anti-forgery tokens, which can be very useful in the perspective.

  5. Supports Cloud-Based Development.

    A project that is based on .NET Core can easily be moved to the cloud. Microsoft Azure already supports hosting .NET Core projects in both Application Services and virtual machines.

  6. Command Line Application.

    The ASP.NET Core’s command line supports many platforms, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. With its help, you can create, perform, execute, and host different applications using ASP.NET development services.

  7. The Easy Integration of MVC & Web API Frameworks.

    Both MVC and Web API are integrated. The significant part is that MVC can get JSON data instead of HTML. Their integration leads to the simplifying of the whole development process. It also is famous for the feature called Razor pages, which is an extension of the MVC framework and is used to encapsulate the controller and model features of a page through two-way binding.

  8. Less Coding.

    Development programmers can spend less time on development. It also leads to less cost and lesser time for developing enterprise applications. Besides, the developers can use many open-source .NET Core libraries to their advantage.

  9. Easy to Maintain.

    .NET Core is well-known for its simplicity. Developers can easily maintain the .NET application for enterprise and resolve the bugs due to the reduced number of codes.

  10. Open Source.

    Unlike the .NET Framework, which is mostly proprietary, ASP.NET Core is entirely open-source and distributed under the MIT and Apache2 licenses.

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