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Overview of ERP developer salaries in the USA

Today, an increasing number of enterprises are getting more aware of the need to implement ERP systems. This means that the demand for experts in this field is also growing. Working as an ERP developer promises employees significant prospects in terms of career and financial growth. All of this gets us to the question: How much does an ERP developer earn and what skills are necessary to become an expert for working in different ERP systems? That’s what we are going to scrutinize in this article.

Necessary skills of ERP developers

As for the primary qualities of an average ERP developer,  first of all, he has to be patient and endurant in the process of developing and debugging a program, have the ability to quickly adapt to new, and objectively assess the capabilities of technologies and their use in each specific case.

ERP developers are usually responsible for: resolving functionality problems; working with company security devices; following security guidelines; entering data into encrypted databases; maintaining backups; filling data into encrypted databases; resolving application problems; researching company information; dealing with program bugs.

If you are considering the possibility to become an ERP developer it’s important to know what is expected from you. Among the top necessary skills of ERP developers are following skills:

  • Technology specific knowledge. ERPs can differ quite enormously from Infor, Sage, Oracle to SAP and other solutions. None of these skills are the same and can be critical for specific kinds of jobs.
  • Experience in ERP application analysis, design, configuration, development and deployment.
  • Strong functional and technical knowledge of ERP integrations and API technologies to support integrations with third parties.
  • Broad experience utilizing varying project methodologies.
  • Stable work history. It’s fine to switch jobs frequently. However, if the developer’s work history shows a  regular switching of jobs every two months, it will not bring him trust. The ERP hiring market can be a competitive place.
  • Communication skills. Oral and written communication skills are always a plus, including an ERP developer position. The ERP developer has to possess strong verbal, written and presentation skills and have the ability to convey complex information to a broad audience
  • Ability to work with a team. It’s important for the team player to have integrity, passion, initiative, and leadership ability as well as to work independently under minimal supervision.
  • Problem-solving Companies want an ERP developer who can easily solve problems that may turn up during an ERP implementation or upgrade.
  • Resourcefulness. The ERP developer has to be highly organized, have multitasking capabilities, and commitment to detail

Overview of developer salaries for popular ERP systems in the USA

If we take an average ERP developer salary in the United States, for July 2020 we’ll get the number of $74,151, but the range typically varies between $64,078 and $87,244. The salary ranges may relate to many essential factors, including certifications, education, additional courses and skills, the number of years spent in the field, and the peculiarities of the ERP systems.

Depending on the ERP system, the ERP developer salary can vary:

  • According to the Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey, a junior-level Dynamics ERP Developer salary in the USA is around $90,000, a mid-level CRM Developer earns around $118,500, senior-level Dynamics CRM Developers can expect to earn starting from $147,500.
  • The average annual Sage ERP developer salary range from $74,062 to $100,985 depending of the state in the US.
  • As of July 2020, the average annual pay for the Acumatica ERP developer salary in the US is $91,689 a year ranging from $29,500 to $156,000 depending on the state and the position.
  • Based on recent job postings the average annual pay for the Navision ERP developer job category in the US is $93,768 a year with the highest number of $176,500 and the lowest of $28,000.
  • If we check the statistics for the Oracle ERP developer, the average annual pay for this job category in the US will be similar to Navision and will show $94,338 a year, ranging from $30,500 to $151,500.
  • The average annual pay for the Netsuite ERP Developer jobs category in the US tends to be $98,198 a year ranging between $30,500 to $151,500.
Overview of ERP Developer Salaries in 2020
Overview of ERP Developer Salaries in 2020

Benefits of remote ERP developers

Many business are getting to understand the advantages of working with remote ERP developers. ERP projects often have a certain timeframe, and after the project is complete,  there may be no work for ERP developers. Therefore, it may be beneficial for ERP resellers to work with outsourcing/outstaff companies whose developers have good experience with ERP.

FiduciaSoft provides the team of experienced developers to solve any problems associated with ERP Acumatica, Sage, MS Dynamics. We have a successful experience in developing extensions, customizations, and integrations with any services. You can read more about our experience in our blog.

What is the advantage of a remote team of ERP developers?

  1. You don’t need to spend time looking for candidates, interviews, and processing other bureaucracy. The company can do all the necessary jobs for you and gather a team of professionals. Even if you need more developers, we will find them. We have a database of potential candidates.
  2. There is no need to organize places for work. If there is not enough space in the office, the search for additional premises can become a headache. But we are equipped with everything you will need: a comfortable office, required workplaces, recreation areas, etc.
  3. The cost of an hour of work for the remote developers is 30-50% lower than inhouse. And you can only hire developers for a specific project, which also saves the resources.

FiduciaSoft provides ERP services by involving certified Acumatica consultants, developers as well as PMs. We have extensive experience with customized development of successfully completed ERP projects for resellers, small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprises.