Magento – your best choice for a successful online store

Magento what?

Let`s discover numerous benefits of Magento (not to be confused with T-M’s Magenta). First and foremost, it is a widely-used open-source platform for e-commerce.

Magento Community Edition is a powerful and flexible solution that maintains its awesome price tag of $0. Moreover, it is being actively maintained and expanded further every single day. This explains why it has been dominating the commercial areas of the internet for the last few years. And why it is one of the top ecosystems on the web today.

The main benefits of Magento are its infinite scalability and easy customizability. There are numerous templates ranging from free options to the ones that cost thousands of dollars.

Magento is for businesses of all sizes

Magento covers the entire spectrum of customers. No company is too small or too large to reap the benefits of Magento.

First of all, it is suitable for small businesses. For example, when the owner wants a great mobile-ready B2C site with a modest price tag.

Likewise, Magento is just as popular with medium-sized businesses. Some are existing retailers planning to expand online. Others are e-commerce first companies that do most of their sales via the internet. Usually, they outsource software processes to small design and development companies, like us, FiduciaSoft. We can take over adjustment, configuration, and deployment.

Finally, it is used by many industry “whales”. They are large enterprises with a massive online-presence that sell products worth of millions or even billions of dollars each year. What they look for is a secure and scalable B2B or B2C platform. Moreover, they need it to look good and work well while also being able to handle any traffic.

Is it right for my business?

Magento is an extremely capable, scalable platform that is almost infinitely configurable. It is a multi-currency, multi-time zone, multi-server platform. It can help you jump-start your online presence in no time.

In addition, a very robust marketplace of Magento plugins ensures that there is almost always a plugin that does what you need. As a result, it can make your online store look and function exactly how you envision it.

There are thousands of Magento developers all over the world. They are ready to customize your platform even further.  And they are capable of taking your site to that perfect customer experience your clients will appreciate.

All of these arguments combined are the reason why businesses all over the world look at Magento first and foremost when it comes to e-commerce.

Bullet points, please!

To sum up, we would like to remind you about the benefits of Magento:

  • Magento Community Edition is completely free;
  • it is an extremely flexible and almost infinitely configurable platform;
  • its modular nature makes it almost limitlessly scalable;
  • thousands of modules and templates on a very robust marketplace;
  • a large volume of information available for developers and configurators in many languages;
  • an intuitive back-end interface with many familiar, yet beautiful front end interfaces;
  • available Magento plugins allow integration into many CRM and ERP systems;
  • capable API for expanding integration;
  • security updates are released proactively;
  • there are many tools that can test your Magento for security;
  • thousands of developers who work with Magento all over the world;
  • a massive install base (over 230,000 businesses available on Magento).

Hence, with so many benefits of Magento, it appears to be the best choice for a successful online store, right?