Developing extensions & modules for Acumatica ERP

Extend Acumatica to automate your business processes with existing or new solutions. Request more information about Acumatica extension & modules here.

Why do you need Acumatica extension?

The answer is simple – To maximize the effectiveness of your ERP system.

Here are some examples of extension development:

  • Improve existing extensions to the needs of business processes.
    We improved the Acumatica HR module for automation business-process and added other delivery-services to the standard delivery module. You can modify any of the existing modules for your needs.
  • Development of unique extensions for the integration of third-party services.
    For example, for our client, we have developed and implemented a module for sales automation. For another client, we developed a module for integrating Acumatica with an online store.

We can help you solve any problem related to extensions for Acumatica ERP!

Why us?

Since the establishment of our company, we have been developing customized solutions by using various methodologies and techniques. Currently, we are primarily focusing on Agile software development methods such as Kanban and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) practices, which have become one of the mainstream development approaches worldwide. 

These approaches facilitate us to streamline the development process by narrowing communication disparities, which results in a better understanding of clients’ needs. Agile development allows obtaining detailed data related to the new product, which makes it well understood before the start of the development process.  

As we are geared to imbibe the latest technologies following the changing hi-tech requirements, our company applies these approaches to ensure that we can incorporate changes and new ideas into up-to-date solutions. We strive to deliver value to our clients while assuring business outcomes.

FiduciaSoft is your best Acumatica partner

Our highly skilled experts use best practices to guide our customers throughout the customization process of business projects. It is crucial for us to flawlessly deliver Acumatica ERP systems while maximizing our clients’ profits. With the usage of seamless project management, our experienced talents will cooperate with you during all the phases of the custom development process. We have extensive experience in the analysis of business-specific requirements, implementation, and customization of ERP solutions that best fit your business objectives.

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