MobileApp customization (QR scanning)

Our client provides stores with standalone salad bars.

Technologies: Xamarin, QR code, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Web API, MS SQL Server, Microsoft Azure

Solution Ecosystem: Android app, QR labels, Web Portal, REST API, Mobile Sync Service, Integration with Ordering and Invoicing systems.


To automate routing operations at the salad bars through a mobile application.


We customized a mobile application for the particular needs of the salad bars with QR code scanning feature.


  • Registering product unpacking is as simple as scanning QR code on it.
  • Registering product waste is a matter of scanning QR code, entering weight, and making a photo.
  • Understanding current state of the bar is just one tap away from store staff.
  • Everything store staff does ends with automatically created statistics used to improve profit of the bar and credit invoices for waste.