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Acumatica modules customizations

Sales Order, Project, Finance and Inventory changes for client in Manufacturing management industry.


ERP Acumatica, C# .NET


As an Acumatica development we had a challege to reinvent Project flow in Acumatica ERP. Our customer requested changes to multiple Acumatica modules including Sales Order, Project, Finance and Inventory.


Our team implemented step by step approach with clear documentation giving our customer flexible abilities to watch process and continuesly influence reuirements for each feature. As well as that we suggested and successfully implemented project breakdown with multiple step by step deliveries to let our customer start using customization and perform acceptence testing.

As result

— we’ve implemented functionality following all Acumatica coding conventions
— code architecture was designed to have extended customization abilities at any stage of development
— Automation tests were applied to all logical and calculation code modules to grant continious reliability
— seperate moduleas are delivered to allow customer’s teams start using app even at development stage