Acumatica and Magento integration module – FiduciaSoft

Acumatica and Magento integration module

A scalable modular solution that allows companies to easily link their Acumatica ERP with the Magento based e-commerce store. Developed in common with Blucurrent company.


C# .NET, Magento, ERP Acumatica


To develop a product that helps customers to integrate their Magento based store with Acumatica ERP.

Development includes:

  • Magento & Acumatica ERP integration
  • Distribution and financial modules customizations
  • Integrations with different platforms and services

As result:

Our team implements both customizations in Acumatica ERP and integrations between Acumatica ERP and other systems.

Depending on client needs we develop integrations based on Acumatica Framework or Acumatica Web Services.