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Export of IT services in Ukraine

IT-services (telecommunications, computer and information services) are just the only type of export, which are steadily increasing the last years”, the report says. 79% of exports of this type of services in 2015 were computer services. Mostly it was the outsourcing of software development.

Ukraine – is a №1 software development center in Central and Eastern Europe and fourth largest exporter of IT products and services in the world. We owe our success to the talent of more than 100 000 IT professionals, strong education system and support of Ukrainian government. We are the best in what we do on the global arena.

Among the reasons for the rapid development of the scope of the computer, services highlight the relatively low cost of services Ukrainian IT-specialists. Probably that’s why Ukraine is the leader in Europe for export of IT-services. The main partners of Ukraine on trade in services are such countries as Great Britain, USA, Germany and Sweden.

In November, Ukraine’s Parliament voted for a law that abolishes the need to conclude a paper contract to provide services for export. So Ukrainian companies-exporters (including participants in the IT industry) can enter into contracts with foreign customers by e-mail, according to the scheme of the public offer, in electronic format or simply invoicing (invoice). The same applies to the activities of freelancers.

Innovations that are offered in the law:

  • For exporter companies no need to enter into a written contract with a wet stamp with the customer and verify it in the bank. The contract for the providing of services (for example, for the software projects) can be entered into the e-mails, through the adoption of a public offer, in electronic format, upon invoicing.
  • Banks will be forbidden to demand the contract translated into the Ukrainian language. Will be enough to provide documents to the bank in English, they will do the translation themselves.
  • After the adoption of the law, the bill will be the primary accounting documents, which would facilitate the accounting of himself, as well as communication with the tax services.
  • The banks will be able to identify export operations, but the currency control over the export-oriented services transactions will be eliminated. To confirm that this is the export services, the bank may request an invoice.

The reasons to give your project to Ukrainian outsource:

  •        lower salary rate with high quality of results;
  •        highly skilled employees;
  •        lower tax base;
  •        you are not losing time for recruitment;
  •        simple accountant and administrative duties.


Ukraine is open to software development, establishment of R&D centers, e-commerce, and startups. Open to IT. Open to You!